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Mission Statement

Replicating the discipleship way of life through small groups and missions.




"Doing It The Way Jesus Did."


What We Believe...


(Gen 1:1,26-27; Deut 6:4; 1 Tim 2:5; Psalm 90:2; Matt 28:19; 1 Peter 1:2; 1 Cor 13:14). We believe that there is only one living, true, Holy God, eternally existent in the Holy Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. These three are one God, having the same nature, attributes, and perfections, and are therefore worthy of the same worship and obedience. God is the Creator, Sustainer and Ruler of the universe.  


Jesus Christ

(John 1:1-5, 14; 5:18; Col 1:15-20; Heb 1:3; 4:14-15; Phil 2:5-11; Isaiah 9:6; Matt 1:22-23; 1 Cor 15:3-4; Acts 1:9-10)

We believe that Jesus was miraculously conceived, born of a virgin, and sinless in life. He was fully man and fully God, walked the earth, lived a life of obedience, suffered at the hand of men, and died on the cross. He fully atoned for the sins of all, was bodily resurrected and enthroned at God's right hand as our Intercessor, and will return again to earth to reign as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  


The Holy Spirit

(John 14:7; Acts 1:8; 1 Cor 2:12; 3:16; 2 Cor 3:17; Gal 5:25; Eph 1:13; 5:18)

We believe the Holy Spirit is equal with God the Father and God the Son. The Holy Spirit is present in the world to make men aware of their need for Jesus Christ. He also lives in every Christian from the moment of salvation. He provides the Christian with power for living, understanding of spiritual truth, and guidance in following God's will. He gives every believer spiritual gifts at the moment they are saved. As Christians, we seek to live under His control daily.

Human Destiny

(John 3:16; Matt 25:31-46; 19:29; 2 Thess 1:7-9; Rev 20:11-15)

We believe the Scriptures clearly teach that there is a conscious personal existence after death. We further believe that all persons dying without Christ will suffer apart from God eternally, while those in Christ will enjoy eternal blessedness and fellowship with God. 



(John 1:12; 14:6; Rom 5:6-21; 6:23; Gal 3:26; Eph 2:8-9; Titus 3:5)

The central purpose of God's revelation in scripture is to call people into fellowship with Himself. Human beings were especially created to be in direct fellowship with God. But because of Adam’s sin, mankind is now tragically lost apart from God's redeeming grace. Each person can be made new in Christ by the Holy Spirit, regain fellowship with God and thereafter continuously grow in the knowledge of God. Salvation is wholly a work of God's free grace, received by repentance and faith, and eternally secure.


The Church

(Matt 16:16-18; Rom 12:5; 1 Cor 12:12-13; Eph 1:22-23; 4:4-6; 9-16)

We believe the local church is God's chosen instrument for both the nurture of Christians and world evangelism. We believe that at the moment of salvation, all true believers become members with one another in the church universal with Christ as the head. God's people who acknowledge Jesus as Savior and Lord should meet regularly to devote themselves to Prayer, Fellowship, Worship, Study, Observations of Baptism and Communion, Edification of the Body, discovery and development of spiritual gifts and active ministry to the world.  

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